Quality Committment

As President of Clark Technology Systems, I want to share with you how CTS can help you succeed with your project…..

“At CTS our engineering and design group works side by side with you to develop a competitive bid; including a full specification review so there are no surprises (or adders) unless there is a scope change. Give us your list of constraints and we will design around them. Whether it is ease of maintenance and access, safety, size, weight, pressure, flow rate, or just a tight budget, we utilize our extensive industry experience to design a system with superior aspects of quality, safety and efficiency. Our engineering and design group works in collaboration with you and our manufacturing group to assure complete satisfaction with quality and on time delivery of your project.

When a bid becomes a project, our engineers call upon our design staff to complete the general layout design. Our designers’ attention to detail and training has always had a best-in-class focus. This focus is not merely on the equipment’s functionality, but also aesthetics, safety and layout. CTS personnel have been trained by leading companies to understand the cutting edge of safety-in-design standards.

The final step before drawing design is a design review with a team of engineers, designers and manufacturing personnel. This review ensures that the layout has been maximized according to the customer’s focus and for manufacturability.

Using the latest Autodesk software, our designers have the tools to turn your next project into a world class success. CTS personnel have been trained by Autodesk to properly use Autodesk Inventor Professional, AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD P&ID and Autodesk Showcase. Importing and exporting models and drawings in other formats helps to maintain a seamless transfer of information to our customer. CTS can also support your project design calculations by providing system and component FEA (Finite Element Analysis). In addition to the product design, CTS can provide a complete Bill of Material for use by the Purchasing group.

Engineers and designers follow your product through every step of our fabrication and testing process to guarantee that the strictest quality standards are upheld. Most importantly, they will keep you up to date on the status of the project and will ensure that your system gets delivered to you on time, every time.

Weeks before the start of fabrication, the manufacturing group reviews the project details and develops a manufacturing plan. This prevents the ‘oops’ at the end when you are about to ship. At the project kick off meeting, not only is the general project explained, but all the ITP (Inspection Test Plan) requirements are reviewed. In addition, any peculiarities are explained to the project team.

Typically a project is fabricated at our facility by our certified pipe welders and structural welders. A P&ID inspection is completed prior to the unit being disassembled, blasted, painted and reassembled at that facility. Process tubing and electrical is completed prior to testing.

A thorough run test is performed and documented using the appropriate test procedure. A completed ITP is signed off and a certificate of conformance is issued if required. A dossier of quality documents is issued along with a complete Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual. Upon request, export boxing can be supplied.

I know this process works and is followed through with each and every project. We have a ‘standard work’ written for each of our engineering and manufacturing processes. Any deviations from them results in a CPAR (Corrective/Preventative Action Report) to determine the cause and corrective action. Our employees are here to make your project a success.

–Faith Clark, President