Interconnecting Piping Project Case Study

CTS Case Study #: 05821-45-55-95-188

Unit Size: Random to 20 feet

Opportunity: A customer was behind on the piping for 4 compressor packages and 4 lube oil systems. They requested for us to make the piping spools with identified field welds. They supplied the isometric drawings. Requirements: AMSE B31.1, 316SS, Carbon Steel, X-Ray, PMI, NACE, Material Test Reports.

Solution: We supplied 1,092 spool pieces to Saudi Arabia. They gave us the drawings which required many corrections. Our purchasing group and the manufacturing group reviewed the drawings for errors both in material sizes and dimensions. Once we were satisfied that the drawings were correct, we fabricated the spools. The pieces had some complicated geometries. Only two pieces out of the 1,092 were cut apart in the field because they did not fit up correctly. The dossier included weld maps with welder identification, heat numbers, PMI records and reports, dimensional checks, material test reports, and weld buttons. We arranged the export to Saudi Arabia.