Cost Reduction Project Case Study

CTS Case Study #: 42931 & 06931

Unit Size: 14' x 30' & 14' x 26'

Unit Weight: 95,000 LBS & 92,000 LBS

Opportunity: Customer requested a 30% cost reduction and cycle time reduction before the first generation was fabricated. There were no constraints except to maintain quality. The redesigned model was to be done in less than 7 days.

Solution: The accepted redesign included the following: base redesigned by changing structural members, used machined surfaces vs. grouting, redesigned vessel supports, removed interconnecting piping header, and used flexible hose which reduced welding and material cost as well as addressing alignment issues. Lastly, a strategic component analysis reduced cost while still maintaining quality and functionality. All this resulted in a 30% reduction in cost and approximately 30% reduction in cycle time.